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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dylan shows I've been to - updated Aug 30, 2012

Dylan shows I've been to - updated .  This is just so I can find this list in a pinch.  Dylan shows I've been to - ratings based on my recollection, not a strict grade on the musicality.

1. Pittsburgh, November 8, 2002:
- I listened to all his old records before this one.  Not a good primer for latter-day Dylan.

2. State College, PA, September 3, 2006:
- He played Forever Young at this one.  I was standing a few feet from the stage - great show.

3. Fairfax, VA, November 17, 2006:
- He played SeƱor at this one.  Fantastic.

4. Hershey, PA, June 24, 2007:
- This was a hot day, but it wasn't a bad set at all.

5. Pittsburgh, PA, October 11, 2007:
- Great show, from row C!  With Elvis Costello solo.

6. Washington, PA, July 13, 2009:
- Good show, real close, also on the bill was Willie Nelson!

7. Akron, OH, November 2, 2010:
- Great show, seats were really close to the stage, the band was on fire, and the crowd was really into it.  First show I'd seen (since getting really into Dylan) with Charlie Sexton playing in the band, this was a great one.

8. State College, PA, November 9, 2010:
- The Bryce Jordan Center was done up in a really off-putting way for this show.  But after having seen him at his best 7 days before, and knowing that I'd missed Blind Willie McTell in Pittsburgh 2 days before this show, there was no way this was going to live up to expectations.

9. Johnstown, PA, August 29, 2012:
- This was perhaps the best I've seen yet.  Dylan and his band were sharp, they seemed to be having a lot of fun, and the setlist was fantastic.  Saving Grace in the six spot was fantastic - I had no idea he hadn't played that in 7 years - and then 6 songs later, finally, after years of waiting to hear it live, he played Blind Willie McTell.

10. California, PA, April 13, 2013:
- Great show, great set with a new (but short-lived) lead guitarist.