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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some simple rules, if I can ever follow them

Here are some simple rules/goals to get myself into slightly better shape.  Good luck following any of them, self!
  1. Always:
    1. No french fries.
    2. No soda.
    3. Portion control on the chips at lunch time!
  2. When weight is above target weight:
    1. No snacks after 8pm.
    2. No beer during the week. (Mon-Thurs)
    3. On the weekend (Fri-Sun), max of 1 beer per 30 minutes of exercise or physical labor.
  3. When weight is below target weight:
    1. Only healthy snacks, from a tiny glass dish, after 8pm.  (to do: find an edible, healthy snack)
    2. During the week, 1 light beer, but only if 30 minutes of exercise or physical labor during the day.

As you can see, this is not the strictest of regimens I intend for myself.  We'll see how it goes here.  A couple of business trips in the past six weeks have not helped matters, but I'll be doggoned if I'm going to go out and buy new pants and shorts, so I've gotta do something here.


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