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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New song: Kill or Be Killed

New song - kill or be killed.  Written, minus the first scraps of lyrics, and recorded this past Friday night.  I like it, but I think I'll really like it with say, female vocalists singing close harmonies and tasteful mandolin playing throughout.

Kill or be killed by skulls across america
(direct link: kill or be killed )

We were walking through snow
in the fading light,
when the wind awoke
to chill our bones.

We smoked what we had,
I felt no better or worse.
We sat on the curb
beside on the hearse.

  Brother, come back,
  brother, come back.
  So much left untold -
  Richard, please come back.

The preacher said his words
while you laid there so still,
and all you ever knew
was to kill or be killed.

And I'll never let your child
grow up playing war.
I'll love him like my own.
What else are brothers for?


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