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Saturday, September 18, 2010

new song demo: one thing left to live for

This was from my first evening of multi-tracking with the Sonoma Wireworks 4-Track app for the iPhone. The app passed with flying colors, and the "tap to set tempo" on the metronome is fantastic.

One Thing Left To Live For

There's a big orange cat sitting on a post.
He watched me coming and he'll surely watch me go.
I reckon I'll be on the road before long,
I came to see my kid but the house is dark.
You sensed me coming and you took her in your ark.

Been living on caffeine and cigarettes,
been ninety hours since I last slept.
I try to figure where you might have gone.
She's probably sitting there on your pop's front lawn,
but he's a good shot and he's heavily armed.

I've only got one thing to live for,
and I don't want to die.

I'm sitting here with a cop on either side,
I try to crack a joke but neither one smiles.
They caught me coming down Six Mile Hill.
I just can't get to her on the strength of my own will,
but they can't kill my love, it's ever-growing still.

I've only got one thing to live for,
and I don't want to die.

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