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Sunday, March 21, 2010

What can we nationalize next?

So, in the face of a new entitlement program and the seeming nationalization of another industry, I'm trying to figure out: what's nationalized health care going to mean for crazies, like me, who like the combination of a high-deductible "catastrophic" insurance plan and an untaxed health savings account? I had heard on NPR that the Obama administration does not consider "catastrophic" insurance plans to be insurance at all, since a family can have a high out of pocket deductible. If the insurance is relatively inexpensive, leaves normal operating costs to the consumer, and protects from bankruptcy if you incur catastrophic costs due to a health emergency: that's my definition of insurance. Paying five grand or more for "comprehensive insurance" and then expecting that to cover every nickel and dime expense is not insurance, it's a service plan, and I don't want service plans on my appliances, or my used cars, or my health.

I suppose I'm just tilting at the windmills of personal responsibility here.

On the plus side, perhaps someday my car insurance policy will, by official decree, have to cover oil changes, tire rotations, brake jobs, twice yearly detailing, etc, etc...


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