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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Now that exists, and facebook to boot, I think I'll start posting some things to this old blog every now and then.

Since facebook is a good place to post how much I'm enjoying whatever it is that I'm currently eating, and google buzz is a convenient way to let all my friends on gmail know what's up without sending a mass email, skulls across america dot blogspot is going to turn into a real time archive for my recordings. In the past I've just uploaded things to, but I've got a batch of 15 (give or take) songs that I'm going to fashion into a proper album this spring, so as I post new (polished) demos and final mixes I'll also post here at the blog.

The impetus for some of this - becoming a new father and realizing that time is not standing still! And also wrapping up the headaches album that has been in suspended animation for the last 18 months - the (99% final) mixes are up at and should soon be up at the my idea of fun website as well.

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