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Thursday, January 10, 2008

once again not quite dead yet

If life were a Monty Python film, this blog would be getting carted around during the "bring out yer dead" sequence. But its not completely dead yet!

The Headaches are still motoring along. We've got a handful of new songs that I'm really excited about, hopefully we'll be playing two or maybe even three brand new songs at our next show on the 1st of February.

I've been recording with my friend Adam for the past year as The Divided Self. We're finishing up work on a new Christmas song he wrote, and its been fun - its the first time I've been part of a song with layers and layers of instrumentation and vocals. I'm hoping we can soon start on recording his other songs in sparse arrangements and getting them out there for people to hear.

And lastly Kev Stock assembled a group of musicians to record some of his songs. The moniker for the project (and rotating cast if we/they/he get together again to play and record) is The Fathomless Enigma Machine. Here are three of the five songs that we laid down in the basement:

The Fathomless Enigma Machine
Say a Prayer for Surfboy
In The Future

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