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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

94.9 - and some well thought out twinkies

Out here in sunny southern california, enjoying some fish tacos and grocery stores that sell beer, and I've found the radio station of my dreams. I believe its 94.1. Here's a sampling of some of the stuff I've heard on this station, keep in mind I've been in the car like 90 minutes tops:

- first song i heard: a wild reggae/ska cover of Radiohead's Let Down
- spoon: the underdog
- cake: frank sinatra
- new feist song
- new silversun pickups song ( ) - sweet fuzzed out song that, on 2nd/3rd listen, has some serious smashing pumpkin vibes... damn is this a catchy song

- nirvana - in the pines
- 2 new interpol songs
- raconteurs - steady as she goes (love this song)

If I hear hot snakes and dylan on this station in the next three days, I might not fly back on Friday morning!


correction - its 94.9... 94.1's last 10 played list included carrie underwood, madonna, and the goo goo dolls. No offense intended to ms. underwood, but that's definitely not my dream playlist. Based on their recommendations, clearly I've been listening to 94.9


Blogger Andrew said...


I'm not making a comment on the blog entry above...but! I do have something that looks as though it is worth looking into...

Bellow is a link to an interview with the Java Champion! I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Thank you,
best wishes,

10:40 AM, October 10, 2007  

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