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Monday, May 07, 2007

the kill machine with the megaton mind

While on a mini-spree at the "5 for $5" VHS sale at a video store nearby, I picked up this winner:

The box art & text make this seem like about the cheesiest movie ever... but the IMDB and Amazon comments make me think it might not be that terrible. Also in my finds were CQ, Husbands and Wives, A Mighty Wind, and a few others... but the real winners were Volumes 1 and 2 of Get A Life!! Don't get too excited... Rhinos "volumes" equated to two cherry-picked episodes per tape... but still, I haven't seen that show since it was on the air during its run, so its a blast to watch it again.

In other news, the new J. Tillman record is fantastic. And the artwork is killer. Check out When I Light Your Darkened Door if you haven't heard it yet.

And lastly, June 21st - front of the house General Admission tix for Wilco in MD. And June 24th, 4th row tickets for Dylan in Hershey. June will be a great month for the ears.