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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Best random CD match ever

Wow. For the choir at church, Jayna needed to make a CD for a song that featured the song music on the right channel, and the men's vocal line on the left channel. She played our ancient Korg keyboard and we recorded onto my cassette 4-track. The song itself was split into 5 tracks on the audio CD, a common trick for CDs that choirs will practice with, as it allows the choir director to focus on one section at a time without having to fast-forward all the time (five 45 second tracks beats one 4 minute track).

So anyway, I dumped the tracks from the 4-track onto the computer and, using Audacity, stripped as much dead air from the beginning and end of each track as I could, so they'd play virtually like a regular 1 track song when played back to back. I didn't worry much about the beginning of track 1 or the end of track 5. I export to WAV and make a playlist in iTunes (I & II below)

So I burn this mess to CD... then I pop the CD back into the computer to make sure it will play. I open up Winamp (III below). Winamp, using the CDDB database, tries to match the CD to something in its database, based on number of tracks and track length... and it provides one recommendation...

What are the odds, right? What are the odds that this CD I burned for the church choir would happen to match, in the CDDB database, with perhaps the worst "blasphemous metal band" in the history of music? (IV)


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