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Monday, February 19, 2007

at the movies

miami vice - 4/4
half nelson - 3/4
the boxer - 3/4
the great dictator (just a bit left to go) - 4/4
children of men - 4/4
heat (laserdisc) - 4/4
scarface (side 1 of 4 sides (laserdisc, eh)) - 2/4
the wire - seasons 1, 2, & 3 (2 & 3 thanks to netflix) - 4/4
duel - 3/4
idiocracy - 3/4
junebug - 2.5/4
the island - 3/4

I have no idea if I'm in the majority on this one, but I really enjoyed Miami Vice. I like how Mann just throws you into it in the recut DVD release. He banked on the familiarity from the TV show and didn't really spend one minute on exposition or introductions at the beginning. Heck, my only real beef is that the soundtrack was a bit too modern (ie not new wave enough) for a Michael Mann film!


dead yet?

Not quite. In my twice yearly perusing of bands on myspace, I remembered good old Sam'>">Sam Champion - and they've got four songs up that I've never heard. Great band.

In other news, just plugging away here. Been writing a lot of music lately, perhaps for use in some sort of band setting, at the least I hope to record an album's worth of material before the sun sets on aught-seven.