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Thursday, December 07, 2006

songs of the year

songs of the year

More of a service for myself (so I can look back in a couple months to remember what I really dug back on aught-six). And since I can't really rank music much more than "I really like this, I like this, or blah", I've split the list into two only mildly sorted categories. Let's start with the honorable mentions:
  • Burcak Tarlalarl - Mustafa Ozkent * @
  • the gulag orkestar - beirut
  • pale dog - metallic falcons @
  • (the making of...) make history - thunderbirds are now
  • dodging traffic - smallwire @
  • bottom of the world - tom waits
  • my favorite mutiny - the coup
  • the funeral - band of horses

    The solid gold hits:
  • we do not f*ck around - viva voce @
  • cursed sleep - bonnie 'prince' billy
  • steady as she goes - the raconteurs
  • we used to vacation (orig. ep version) - cold war kids
  • painter in your pocket - destroyer
  • someone new - nicolai dunger @
  • high away - bob dylan (shot of love outtake) *
  • am i a good man - them two (Eccentric Soul, Vol. 7) * @
  • seven states across - j. tillman

    And my favorite song of the year:

  • Roscoe - Midlake.

    * = not something new
    @ = if i find some cash lying in the street, these are the first things i buy


    Blogger bombsfall said...

    Mitch, this is Scott, your former bandmate and arch-fiend.

    That album cover delights and frightens me.

    12:41 AM, December 11, 2006  

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