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Monday, December 18, 2006

the mysterious object in the sky

I saw a strange thing in the sky while driving to work at 7am on Saturday morning. Joe Stevensonunraveled the mystery by watching the Pittsburgh news on Saturday evening.

It was pretty neat to see. Although I must say, I had my hopes up that it was a special comet that had imbued me with some sort of "super" power, like the ability to tune a guitar really good by ear, or a great overall improvement of my mechanical skills.

When I saw the thing, I could really relate to the chaos that comet sightings caused thousands of years ago. I really felt like primitive man- couldn't take my eyes off the thing (to the delight of any other drivers around me, I'm sure), and I couldn't get my mind of what I'd seen for a good hour or more once I got into the office.


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