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Monday, December 18, 2006

the mysterious object in the sky

I saw a strange thing in the sky while driving to work at 7am on Saturday morning. Joe Stevensonunraveled the mystery by watching the Pittsburgh news on Saturday evening.

It was pretty neat to see. Although I must say, I had my hopes up that it was a special comet that had imbued me with some sort of "super" power, like the ability to tune a guitar really good by ear, or a great overall improvement of my mechanical skills.

When I saw the thing, I could really relate to the chaos that comet sightings caused thousands of years ago. I really felt like primitive man- couldn't take my eyes off the thing (to the delight of any other drivers around me, I'm sure), and I couldn't get my mind of what I'd seen for a good hour or more once I got into the office.

Friday, December 15, 2006

its crazy

Its crazy it is. Trying to keep my eyes open, pulled a lot of nights 2 or 4am the last few weeks and its catching up. Got myself a shiny bauble today over at the worst-staffed electronics store this side of a flea market, and hey, I'll admit it, as usual, I'm so far behind the curve that its almost laughable.

And secondly, Ronald Jenkees now has a website up, and he's posted what will hopefully be the first of many mp3s: Clutter.mp3.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

songs of the year

songs of the year

More of a service for myself (so I can look back in a couple months to remember what I really dug back on aught-six). And since I can't really rank music much more than "I really like this, I like this, or blah", I've split the list into two only mildly sorted categories. Let's start with the honorable mentions:
  • Burcak Tarlalarl - Mustafa Ozkent * @
  • the gulag orkestar - beirut
  • pale dog - metallic falcons @
  • (the making of...) make history - thunderbirds are now
  • dodging traffic - smallwire @
  • bottom of the world - tom waits
  • my favorite mutiny - the coup
  • the funeral - band of horses

    The solid gold hits:
  • we do not f*ck around - viva voce @
  • cursed sleep - bonnie 'prince' billy
  • steady as she goes - the raconteurs
  • we used to vacation (orig. ep version) - cold war kids
  • painter in your pocket - destroyer
  • someone new - nicolai dunger @
  • high away - bob dylan (shot of love outtake) *
  • am i a good man - them two (Eccentric Soul, Vol. 7) * @
  • seven states across - j. tillman

    And my favorite song of the year:

  • Roscoe - Midlake.

    * = not something new
    @ = if i find some cash lying in the street, these are the first things i buy

  • Monday, December 04, 2006

    mellow oktober

    Was october really that mellow? I thought (quite incorrectly) I may have been laid off that month, if i can remember straight, I don't know if that qualifies as mellow or not. But mellow oktober == my first attempt at home brewing beer, and tonight I'm bottling the batch. No telling how it'll turn out, but the 1 oz. sample tasted good enough that I'm pretty sure I didn't spoil the batch in my cat-infested home-brewing environment.

    Good news: YANP posts midlake tour dates! Gabe, doing anything on February 8th?

    Other good news: An Aquarium Drunkard posts live NY soundboard recordings!

    And in the last good news bit, everyone and their brother posts their top ten of '06 lists! Did I even buy 10 new albums in 2006? What am I thinking... what w/ emusic, I nearly picked up 10 albums per month. Of course, I don't think I can list Fela Kuti albums in the "best new releases of '06" category. Perhaps I'll post some favorite new releases, and "most listened to in '06". For the benefit of Mr. Kite.

    Friday, December 01, 2006

    nothing much

    live tom waits from '75:
    haven't even listened to it since I got the tracks, but I have no fear.

    secondly, new mos def: Not that I'm some harbinger of great hip-hop or anything, I just happen to dig this track, at least the sound of it.

    swamped by work, barely writing, reading, picking, etc etc. keep on rockin in the free world.