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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the mogwai

It appears that there's some new Mogwai- some kind of a score for a film ... available at emusic...

I think Zidane is a soccer player or something, maybe he's a drinking buddy of the Mogwai. First impression while I sit here paying bills and trying to do four things at once: good, first track feels like CODY and I hope its not the only one that does.

Their site also notes that they're on the score of The Fountain, a film I've been waiting months for, and have just learned that our local theater just decided not to bring it in. Gotta keep a room open for Van Wilder Deux or something, I guess.

I was going to post a live Mogwai mp3 or two, but can't find them where I thought I had them. Its tough keeping mp3's straight between two computers and the mp3 player, eh. So here's something else entirely- a live take of one of my all-time favorites.


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