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Thursday, November 16, 2006

friday the 17th

Friday the 17th is nearly here. Jayna and I are heading down to Fairfax, Virginia, to see Dylan. After seeing him in State College this summer I determined not to miss him again when he's in the area, and this is the closest he's getting on this leg of the never-ending tour. To boot, The Raconteurs are opening, and that icing on the cake made it an easy call to attend this show. Now, on the one hand, its at the end of the current tour, so I was concerned about vocal fatigue. But, on the other hand, judging by some of the recent setlists (Nov 12th and Wednesday), I'm somewhat getting my hopes up that he'll pull out a couple of gems. Of course, after hearing them play Forever Young in State College, I really don't have any place expecting anything else- but I'm still pulling for Senor, Joey, or The Man In Me (if I had to pick any of the recently played non-standards).

In other news of the day, Big Murth failed in his bid to become Majority Leader of the House. I'm hopeful that his loss will weaken Pelosi's position; but for purely political reasons, I think Murtha would have hurt the Democrats more had he won the position. Politics aside, I think the country is better off not having Murtha as the Majority Leader, no matter how many percentage points that may or may not have swung this way or that in two years time.


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