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Monday, September 04, 2006

may God bless an keep you always

What are the odds? They haven't been playing it much on this tour, in fact of the couple dozen setlists I checked out, I only saw it once, and that was only like a week ago, so I figured the odds were really slim that they'd play Forever Young last night.

And then, at the tail end of a set so good that I wasn't really concerned about what they'd play next, they started out a real mellow number, and after a few bars, Bob started singing- "May God bless and keep you always". I cheered pretty loudly right then, a solo cheer as it was (more folks cheered right before the chorus when he said the words "forever young").

It was a great show, great openers, the sound was crisp, the band sure seemed on, I was on the floor not even 20 rows back, and then they went and played that song... which vaulted the show up into my personal top five.
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