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Saturday, September 09, 2006

i thought it was such a thing revealed

shameless self promotion? nothing better to do? tune in next week. this week, three new skulls across america songs up. I've been trying to write complete songs, not just music, as the music drifts out of my consciousness so quickly and doesn't have the weight to stick around in my memory like a song does. And I've been playing the acoustic exclusively lately, which lends itself much better, for me at least, to lyrics and melody. Not that I'm trying to get carried away, I'm the first to admit some Juno-like sections, particularly in we was in a band right now, where I can't figure out a melody over the guitar part so I just talk most of a line. I hope to have several more songs in demo form by October's end, including some work with some lyrics I was given and am trying to work out music/melodies for.

wrote some stories once
we was in a band
bleeding in the dead of winter

Secondly and of much greater import, an uncle of mine just passed away. Walt Mood, 90 years old. I hadn't seen him since my grandfather, his brother, passed away three years ago... I have a feeling that these three songs, particularly the first, will now forever be tied to the melancholy of the passing of an endeared but not often-seen relation. Walt was a good man, and I look forward to catching up with him in heaven, where I think our schedules won't be filled to bursting like they are here, and I won't be so selfish as to neglect family and friends for the sake of doin' stuff.


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