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Thursday, September 21, 2006

rock out the world!

Tell you what, that Jenkees can play.

the bonnie prince

i searched many years in the wood, and i'll tell you, i saw a darkness in that minor place. but like a wolf among jenkees, i found a new partner riding through the ether.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

three things, with loud report

Before I begin, let me get started.

An Aquarium Drunkard has recently posted two incredible sets of Dylan outtakes, from the Freewheelin' sessions and the Blonde on Blonde sessions. Incredible stuff. Between gorilla vs bear, you ain't no picasso, kwaya na kisser, my old kentucky blog, and an aquarium drunkard, its the Lost Album Series that puts An Aquarium Drunkard on top.

Freewheelin' Outtakes
Blonde on Blonde Outtakes - Part One

And lastly- hello Youtubes! I was just thinking about outfitting our house with these bulbs, and here comes Ronald Jenkees with confirmation. This video is basically Jenkees Greatest Hits, and much less disturbing than the "balderdash" video.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

i thought it was such a thing revealed

shameless self promotion? nothing better to do? tune in next week. this week, three new skulls across america songs up. I've been trying to write complete songs, not just music, as the music drifts out of my consciousness so quickly and doesn't have the weight to stick around in my memory like a song does. And I've been playing the acoustic exclusively lately, which lends itself much better, for me at least, to lyrics and melody. Not that I'm trying to get carried away, I'm the first to admit some Juno-like sections, particularly in we was in a band right now, where I can't figure out a melody over the guitar part so I just talk most of a line. I hope to have several more songs in demo form by October's end, including some work with some lyrics I was given and am trying to work out music/melodies for.

wrote some stories once
we was in a band
bleeding in the dead of winter

Secondly and of much greater import, an uncle of mine just passed away. Walt Mood, 90 years old. I hadn't seen him since my grandfather, his brother, passed away three years ago... I have a feeling that these three songs, particularly the first, will now forever be tied to the melancholy of the passing of an endeared but not often-seen relation. Walt was a good man, and I look forward to catching up with him in heaven, where I think our schedules won't be filled to bursting like they are here, and I won't be so selfish as to neglect family and friends for the sake of doin' stuff.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

claws in the deep blue sea

NEW YORK ( -- Chevron and its partners have successfully extracted oil from a test well in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, an achievement that could be the biggest breakthrough in domestic oil supplies since the opening of the Alaskan pipeline.

Well that's some good news. I've been holding to the party line on oil prices- yes, they're high, but the huge "profits" will go into more expensive exploration... but I guess in standard "expecting results yesterday" mode, I was starting to wonder.

Not sure if it relates, but here's a killer shipping news song from a show in 2001, courtesy of Transmission 3000
shipping news - 1 (live)

Monday, September 04, 2006

may God bless an keep you always

What are the odds? They haven't been playing it much on this tour, in fact of the couple dozen setlists I checked out, I only saw it once, and that was only like a week ago, so I figured the odds were really slim that they'd play Forever Young last night.

And then, at the tail end of a set so good that I wasn't really concerned about what they'd play next, they started out a real mellow number, and after a few bars, Bob started singing- "May God bless and keep you always". I cheered pretty loudly right then, a solo cheer as it was (more folks cheered right before the chorus when he said the words "forever young").

It was a great show, great openers, the sound was crisp, the band sure seemed on, I was on the floor not even 20 rows back, and then they went and played that song... which vaulted the show up into my personal top five.
full setlist