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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

only in dreams

New Dylan album hits the streets end of the month. Amazon has a preorder Deluxe edition with bonus DVD, and to boot, at the link above, they've got a video of Dylan and the band performing Cold Irons Bound.

Getting ready to play some songs with Jayna at a coffeehouse this Saturday- I'm going to play guitar on about 12 or 17 or some large number of songs... been fairly nervous about my memory fogging up, but last night was able to get through the set pretty well. I just hope I don't blank and start playing my standard Johnny Cash strum.

Spent most of last week in Ambridge with family, having what amounted to a three day wake for my grandfather. It'll take a little time for me. But it was good seeing family, even under the circumstances.

No music to post, but Kwaya Na Kisser has half of a live set from Dylan, circa '98.

I've seen a thing or two,
only in dreams.
your crying eyes-
a cheating heart-
a vexed mind
grabbing for what was never meant to be,
allowing the subconscious
into meaningless daydreams,
whose gravity increases
more and more when repeated.


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