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Monday, August 28, 2006

el mariachi

Maybe i jumped the gun. Shoulda waited until the first Steelers game of the year, perhaps. But I just had to make some guacamole last night. Had to sell out on the garlic, though, and use some minced garlic, as it was already dark and since our garlic didn't really grow, it requires a lot of searching a digging to find a useable piece of garlic... and its hidden by the cucumbers, making it even harder to find at night. Maybe that's why the guacamole turned out bland.

Anyway, what better than some chicken tacos, guac (even if subpar), refried beans, Tostitos Yellow Gold chips, and a good film on VHS? A lot of things, sure, but it'll do in a pinch. I enjoyed El Mariachi more than I expected, I guess reading Rebel Without A Crew gave me the feeling that the film was going to be bad in addition to noticeably low budget, but I really enjoyed it. And its inspiring to see what Rodriguez was able to do for 8 grand, especially knowing that most of that money went into buying and developing film (if i'm remembering correctly).


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