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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

have some pizza

The Pizza consist(ed?) of Automatic Baber and Captain Party, and they made some pretty killer music on a small sampler. I know they used a small sampler because when they came through town on tour, they would always sample some of my crappy instruments on their sampler.

They self-released an LP a couple years back. Its real solid, so solid that I had trouble picking my favorite two or three songs. So here are three of the standouts, to be followed in a few days with three more standouts.

The Pizza - Track 2
The Pizza - Track 4
The Pizza - Track 9

Not sure if The Pizza will ever ride again, but you can check out Automatic Baber on purevolume and myspace.

Lastly, pick up the new Dylan. Its real sweet.

Monday, August 28, 2006

el mariachi

Maybe i jumped the gun. Shoulda waited until the first Steelers game of the year, perhaps. But I just had to make some guacamole last night. Had to sell out on the garlic, though, and use some minced garlic, as it was already dark and since our garlic didn't really grow, it requires a lot of searching a digging to find a useable piece of garlic... and its hidden by the cucumbers, making it even harder to find at night. Maybe that's why the guacamole turned out bland.

Anyway, what better than some chicken tacos, guac (even if subpar), refried beans, Tostitos Yellow Gold chips, and a good film on VHS? A lot of things, sure, but it'll do in a pinch. I enjoyed El Mariachi more than I expected, I guess reading Rebel Without A Crew gave me the feeling that the film was going to be bad in addition to noticeably low budget, but I really enjoyed it. And its inspiring to see what Rodriguez was able to do for 8 grand, especially knowing that most of that money went into buying and developing film (if i'm remembering correctly).

Saturday, August 26, 2006

lonesome valley

Not sure why Jason Molina and company felt the need to join the ranks of bands with albums featuring naked girls on them with Fading Trails- perhaps they were rocking the first Queens of the Stone Age album on tour? Secretly Canadian has lonesome valley up, and emusic has the album available already. Good song. Good enough to get me to pick up yet another booster pack from emusic? Yep.

Started film school this week... in the form of the commentary on Seven Samurai. I could finish up my schooling if I'd ever get a remote control for the laserdisc player, so I could listen to the commentary on Taxi Driver.

Lastly, saw and really enjoyed Little Miss Sunshine. Its always nice to see Greg Kinnear in something better than Stuck on You.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

'til their heads are on my desk

favorite songs this year? Roscoe. We do not f*ck around. 7 states across. We used to vacation. And while it might be old, Bonnie Prince Billy & Tortoise playing Thunder Road. Wow. Looking forward to the new Bonnie Prince Billy album with great anticipation. Can't even speak in complete sentences...

Coming to a crossroads artistically. Playing another coffeehouse with Jayna. Getting ready to start helping with a Sunday evening praise service at church. Couple of open-ended musical endeavors might roll again in the next few months. And I'm sitting on piles of my own music in a couple diff't veins. And wrapping up filming on donut gun. And scribbling notes on a couple screenplays and stories.

If I had to guess... there's no time like the present to write a short screenplay to take advantage of my favorite film element- falling snow.

Friday, August 11, 2006

cursed sleep

Beautiful song that I've been listening to for many moons now. Fantastic video as well- although it might be just as fair to call it a short film. Can't wait to hear the new album, and hopefully catch him on tour if he plays Pittsburgh or Baltimore/DC as he usually does.

I was supposed to see him once upon a time, in Pittsburgh, but the night before the show, our furnace stopped working... and the day of the show was one of the coldest I remember... and I felt way too guilty to leave Jayna in a freezing house while I traipsed off to Pittsburgh for a show.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

only in dreams

New Dylan album hits the streets end of the month. Amazon has a preorder Deluxe edition with bonus DVD, and to boot, at the link above, they've got a video of Dylan and the band performing Cold Irons Bound.

Getting ready to play some songs with Jayna at a coffeehouse this Saturday- I'm going to play guitar on about 12 or 17 or some large number of songs... been fairly nervous about my memory fogging up, but last night was able to get through the set pretty well. I just hope I don't blank and start playing my standard Johnny Cash strum.

Spent most of last week in Ambridge with family, having what amounted to a three day wake for my grandfather. It'll take a little time for me. But it was good seeing family, even under the circumstances.

No music to post, but Kwaya Na Kisser has half of a live set from Dylan, circa '98.

I've seen a thing or two,
only in dreams.
your crying eyes-
a cheating heart-
a vexed mind
grabbing for what was never meant to be,
allowing the subconscious
into meaningless daydreams,
whose gravity increases
more and more when repeated.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

forver young

Sometimes a song, or an album, becomes so inexplicably linked to a time and place that its impossible to hear the song and not be taken back... or to think about that time and not hear the song.

This song has been in my head for days. Yesterday, my grandfather passed away at age 82, at home, after a heart attack. We had just visited two weeks ago, and he seemed in about the same shape he's always been in. I think at some point in the visit, I remember thinking, "Its hard to think that in five or ten or twenty years time, he'll be gone."

May you stay forever young.