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Monday, July 17, 2006

three things, with colorfast

For the first time in a long time, I watched a newly purchased dvd within six months of purchase! And I'm glad I did. Short Cuts is incredible, and as a big fan of Carver and Altman, I can't believe it took me so long to get to it. It felt even more expansive than Nashville, but also more focused; instead of so many intersecting lives, Short Cuts is truly so many intersecting stories, and it really moves. The extras on disc two look great, we'll see if I get to them in the six-month window. Surprising trivia: Short Cuts, a sprawling 3 hour film, has no imdb trivia.

Secondly, Charlotte, NC, at least the downtown, is pretty sweet. I almost got used to being able to walk to work and dinner. Of course, we can walk to some parks and stores from our house, although the majority of the dining (w/in walking distance) from our house is fast food. New favorite for supper: bangers and mash.

Lastly, a track from the Overwhelming Colorfast.

This album, Moonlight and Castanets, was one of my favorite albums from about '97 through 2000. Hadn't listened to it for a while but it still sounds great- I'm trying to pick and post my five favorite tracks, but I'm having trouble whittling the list down past seven. So here's the first track. Trivia: Colorfast ended when its last incarnation was split by two chaps leaving to form a band called Oranger. As of about a year ago or so, Bob Reed, Colofast's frontman/driving force, has been playing with Oranger. And just today I see that Oranger's website lists a Colorfast show scheduled for August 10th.

overwhelming colorfast - starcrunch


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