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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

sheer brilliance

Is there any excuse for taking so long to finally listen to Abbey Road all the way through? I mean, aside from the fact that the old vinyl copy I have skips about once per minute and I could never make it past, oh, Come Together? But anyway. Side two strikes me as the primary motivation for about the first six or eight GBV albums.

Well, aside from exposing what a true rube I am, let me also mention this killer new song from Thunderbirds are Now! that You Ain't No Picasso has up. I've heard the band name and liked it, glad to finally hear them. The exclamation point in the band name is a tricky line to walk, especially after that Volcano band on Polyvinyl, the one with the worst band name ever, went and ruined both long names and exclamation points with one fell swoop.

One more spin for I Want You... a little more java code... then sleep.


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