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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

gems new and old

okay, leading off in the gems department, we have Mad Dog and Glory and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Okay, I guess since ex-girlfriend is in the theater its not really an obscure gem- but it did make me laugh, at least as much as tonight's episode of Last Comic Standing, and really, for a comedy, that's a good start. It was amusing seeing a Luke Wilson flick while You Me an Dupree played across the hall, their mugs on the poasters staring each other down. Wonder if Dupree clocked in with more than 3 people on a Tuesday at 7pm?

Anyway, thanks to a kind soul, I got a great introduction to the next era of Dylan on my journey through the past- the Saved/Shot of Love/Infidels era. And much to my surprise, I'm loving it. I must've listened to this particular track at least twenty times today:
Bob Dylan - High Away (get the whole bootleg here and here)

Hearing these tracks reminded me of just how much I enjoyed hearing the Black Crowes Sweet Pickle Salad boots, courtesy of An Aquarium Drunkard I'm not really a big Crowes fan but I love those four songs. If I had to pick...
Black Crowes - Clothes and Food


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