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Monday, June 26, 2006

yard saling for books.

Between a used book store at the mall, and a community yard sale on Saturday, I picked up an impressive array of new books on the cheap. By on the cheap I mean for about three bucks total.

The finds, in order of impressiveness:
1. Documents of the Christian Church I've had this on my wishlist for a year now, and picking it up for a quarter beats even the lowest amazon used price.
2. Christianity through the ages Not the same as the link, but by the same fellow... my edition is from '65, perhaps it become the vol's 1 and 2 that are now in print.
3. The great documents of Western civilization
4. Cloud by Day: The Story of Coal and Coke and People A history of SW Pennsylvania. I'm really looking forward to this one. The hardback I picked up was printed around '75, it appears.
5. Youghiogheny: Appalachian River I lived by this river for a while, and while I've never been a river person in practice, I like 'em, and I like books about Appalachian waterways.
6. D.W. Griffith- The Years at Biograph
7. Touching the Void In hardback, circa '88.
8. Best America Short Storeies 1991
9. A tie between the rest, all socio-political books, certainly from someone's long-gone college days. 2 on the Vietnam conflict, 1 on the Middle East, 1 on the history of Chinese communism, and one on communism that presents opposing viewpoints on various aspects of communism.

And, for a buck, a still in the plastic (double album) copy of Who's Better Who's Best, and for another buck, a nice vinyl copy of one of the rock n roll albums I listened to as a small child: The Best of the Guess Who, and man does that album cover look better at 12x12 than it does on a CD booklet.


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