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Saturday, June 10, 2006

a long way home

work, play (if that word can be applied to much), lawn seeding, pool contemplating, work, and the mildest of mild depressive like leanings, gave me zero incentive to post anything. I've been meaning to post a few endless mike & the beagle club tunes, and will as soon as Ronald Jenkees gives me a reason to keep on chooglin'.

For the immediate moment, a random piece of poetry/lyrics from the moleskin.

"we got a failure to excommunicate,"
the bishop said to me.
"you keep coming back here
even though we warned you on the TV.
you been seen one too many times
with one hand on a knife
and the other leafing through the rites."

i said, "what's the meaning of these lies
you're laying on me?
the only men i ever killed were
the ones on the lists that you sent me."


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