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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

i won't return before i can settle the score

the Taepodong 2 launch may portend Pyongyang’s determination to be able to inflict the single most devastating sort of attack on this country: detonating a nuclear weapon high in space over the United States in order to unleash an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP). Such a burst of immensely powerful energy would devastate our power grid and damage, if not destroy, all unshielded electronic devices coast-to-coast.

A blue-ribbon commission tasked by Congress with assessing this threat found in 2004 that it could have a “catastrophic” effect on this 21st Century superpower, possibly reducing it in the blink of an eye to a pre-industrial society (not unlike much of North Korea).
from Pyongyang Goes Ballistic

A heck of a thing to read, and wow, talk about timing, as I was just checking out the new Viva Voce song, we do not f*ck around while reading the article. At some point, somebody's gotta sing that song for real- let's hope its not a fascist madman with his thumb on the big red button.


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