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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

on the beach

On the beach at the bay, here on sleepy Edisto Island, SC. Kicking back in fine fashion, a set of brand new bocce balls at the ready, some cold PBRs in the cooler, and some light reading to pass the time. Delusions of grandeur, pretentious posturing, or just a yearning to be work for something? Some strange combination of the three drove me to pack the Brothers Karamazov for this trip, and again today to throw it in the bookbag.

Received a couple emails from Badabing records re: delays in shipping Beirut's album, due to delays in getting it repressed multiple times over. Pretty sweet for Beirut and Badabing! And just fine with me, as I was able to grab the album right before vacation, thanks to emusic.

Lastly, the picture above is from a set I put up back in the fall, after we returned from our September 05 trip to the Island, during which time Hurricane Rita was skirting up the coast and we flirted with a possible mandatory evacuation. In the end, though, we saw little more than wind- and also, day in and day out, incredible sunsets.


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