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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

on the beach? not quite.

a tough week of work, and it ain't even half over. a tough week at home, and i still didn't get the lawn mowed- the half of the lawn that isn't roto-tilled in preparation for planting new grass (full disclosure: i'm only slightly assisting with said operation as our friend Frank is doing the lion's share of the work). and our new cat, Rocket, was neutered on Tuesday, and frankly, the thought of that should bring any man pause.

i might take a lawn chair out on the lawn, at 9:30pm in the dark, crack open one of these

and pretend i'm back on the beach at Edisto.

i might be able to slip back into that "on the beach" zone... although my pbr's don't have any chinese on them.

apologies to this guy for hijacking the img, but i'm sure he'll survive the traffic from my blog (by traffic, i mean, me, checking it to make sure its up).


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