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Friday, May 19, 2006

the old post office

Here's a book to order as soon as we return home. We celebrated our anniversary with dinner at the Old Post Office last night, and like the three other times we've dined there, it did not dissappoint. The shrimp and scallop grits were excellent, and I made up my mind to try P.B.'s Ultimate Filet the next time we go, provided I can remember in a year that I made up my mind to do so. Surprisingly enough, we've done so well at eating almost all our meals at the condo that we could almost afford one more trip to the Old Post Office... almost.

In other news, I'm highly enjoying the Brothers Karamazov, although I haven't kept up the 220 pp per day pace that I set earlier in the week with Everything is Illuminated. Yesterday and the day before, at the bay, I think I was able to read almost three hours straight and read about 70 pages each day. Interestingly enough, that also means that for each day, 70pp/day breaks down to 20.33 pp/pbr.


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