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Monday, May 01, 2006

get down, in the dirt

get down in the dirt was the first line of the chorus of the last song the old famous last words got down. a personal favorite of mine, wildly derivitave of the hot snakes i'm sure, but better them than Barry Manilow.

At some point, for no reason other than an exercise in learning how to record to hard-disk, I hope to get that song and about a dozen others recorded as clean as I can. Maybe I'll throw some of the old flw demos up in the meantime, if I can find the tapes in my library of tapes i've run through the old MT4X.

Anyway, I got down in the dirt on Saturday, as Jayna and I filled our three raised bed gardens with dirt. Lots of dirt. Two beds filled near the top, using approximately 3 tons of dirt. One bed left to finish this afternoon. And then on Sunday, I got down in the dirt as I attempted to golf for the first time in about two years. I hit a couple of stellar t-shots with the 3-wood (twice), and a 5-iron; hit one or two decent approach shots with the wedge and nine; and hit a couple good mid-range putts. Other than that, I pretty much botched every single shot that was between 30 and 100 yards out. Need to hit the range & the pitch and putt with nothing but a wedge and a nine iron... for the rest of the summer...

aquarium drunkard posted two Cold War Kids songs today, bringing my total CWKs collection up to four tracks. we'll see if my never-successful fiscal restraint can keep me from pulling the trigger on their shopping cart.


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