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Thursday, May 11, 2006

dayton disc golf

first, in mp3 news, two new demos up at skulls across america - "the band", if you can call it a band. perhaps in the near future, some of the songs will find their way to a band setting. and perhaps I will learn how to record to a click track. the future really is wide open.

anyway, just back from business travel in dayton, ohio. in addition to being the home of the best bar in the universe, cold beer and cheeseburgers, where I can down the best burgers on the continent and enjoy fine beers like Chimay, Bass Ale, Someone or the other's oatmeal Stout, Straub, and Pabst, on this trip, Paul and I discovered that the Dayton area is home to four disc golf courses. We hit Belmont twice, the second time with our newly purchased disc golf discs (courtesy of the nearby head shop slash disc golf store).


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