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Friday, April 14, 2006

spring fever take 4

spring fever continues to affect. played some 21 this week, even devising, w/ Jeremy, a form of 21 for one on one play. It was more fun than just playing a game of one on one- the basic changes to 21 are:
- max of three free throws in a row from the foul line. after three are made, posession changes and the other guy brings the ball in.
- on free throws, the defender must stand behind the foul line (this gives both players a chance to get to the rebound)
- play only stops for shooting fouls or fouls that result in a turnover; the fouled player brings the ball in from the top of the key.

Jeremy took all three games, but I can feel my shot coming back to me... hopefully. No golf as of yet, but I'm hoping to get some early morning saturday rounds in soon.

And lastly, a picture of the new cat (Rocket, the orange one) and the old cat, Lily. Coming soon: pictures and maybe even video of the two of them grappling- who needs cable when you can have a front-row seat at the fights every night?


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