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Friday, April 21, 2006

the silent press

The Silent Press
are a band from Roanoke, Virginia. Three of the gents made up three quarters of a band called the k word, and I was a big fan of that band. Wasn't sure how the new group was going to pan out- they were good the first few times I saw them, but the songs, particularly the recordings (admittedly demos) didn't seem to hit the same heights as the k word's output.

But then they put out their full length last year, and I realized they had left their former bands in the dust. We started a thunderstorm is a great album- the songs are catchy, the music isn't complicated for the sake of being complicated, and the album is interspersed with melodic instrumental passages that round out the songs and add, for me at least, a lot of depth to the listening experience. So here are the first two tracks of said album:

the silent press - 1 - swallow the fuse
the silent press - 2 - release form


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