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Friday, April 28, 2006

hey, are those my birds?

while watching a great episode of The Office last night, I got to see this great American Express commercial. In the last shot, man, does Wes sound like Owen Wilson or what!

Friday, April 21, 2006

the silent press

The Silent Press
are a band from Roanoke, Virginia. Three of the gents made up three quarters of a band called the k word, and I was a big fan of that band. Wasn't sure how the new group was going to pan out- they were good the first few times I saw them, but the songs, particularly the recordings (admittedly demos) didn't seem to hit the same heights as the k word's output.

But then they put out their full length last year, and I realized they had left their former bands in the dust. We started a thunderstorm is a great album- the songs are catchy, the music isn't complicated for the sake of being complicated, and the album is interspersed with melodic instrumental passages that round out the songs and add, for me at least, a lot of depth to the listening experience. So here are the first two tracks of said album:

the silent press - 1 - swallow the fuse
the silent press - 2 - release form

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

time fades away

img: tiny mix tapes

don't you know how time fades away?

don't you know how recording vinyl to wav (over cheap RCA cables) then converting to mp3 via Pyro is an imperfect science?

doesn't matter. Last Dance is a gem regardless of the sound quality, like the rest of this lost album. I'm really looking forward to covering Last Dance someday- maybe someday soon.

neil young - last dance

Friday, April 14, 2006

spring fever take 4

spring fever continues to affect. played some 21 this week, even devising, w/ Jeremy, a form of 21 for one on one play. It was more fun than just playing a game of one on one- the basic changes to 21 are:
- max of three free throws in a row from the foul line. after three are made, posession changes and the other guy brings the ball in.
- on free throws, the defender must stand behind the foul line (this gives both players a chance to get to the rebound)
- play only stops for shooting fouls or fouls that result in a turnover; the fouled player brings the ball in from the top of the key.

Jeremy took all three games, but I can feel my shot coming back to me... hopefully. No golf as of yet, but I'm hoping to get some early morning saturday rounds in soon.

And lastly, a picture of the new cat (Rocket, the orange one) and the old cat, Lily. Coming soon: pictures and maybe even video of the two of them grappling- who needs cable when you can have a front-row seat at the fights every night?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


image (and more where it came from): James Finch (hosted at the royal stable).

I never done hooked up the turntable to the computer at the new house- couldn't bring myself to run an RCA cable from the living room, through the hole in the ceiling into the office closet, and over to the computer, if you can believe it.

One of the albums I've been wanting to rip for ages is Superwolf, the collaboration of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Matt Sweeney. An Aquarium Drunkard just put up two of my favorite tracks from the album, so now I can burn up the cpu and not just the needle.

Monday, April 10, 2006

oh suzie q

img src =

Driving home Saturday night, I flipped through some Creedence albums that I got a few years ago. I heard, for the first time, the album version of Suzie Q, and man- what a surprise! I had never heard the jams at the end of the solos (about 4:30 through 5:, specifically the chords that ring at at 4:46 and 4:52), and again at the end of the song (6:52 - 7:15, with the jam continuing on through the end). I love those chords that ring out, to me, it gives the song a real edge that was ahead of its time. (Probably why they cut 'em out of the radio edit)

ccr - suzie q (album version)

Friday, April 07, 2006

steady as she goes x 2

this song's been growing on me for quite a while now. its a little disconcerting to finally realize that the guy with glasses is ~not~ Brendan Benson, despite his prominence in many of the promotional photographs. better to find out now than later, say, in Final Jeopardy.

first up, the official video.

and then some live action.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


this morning, some medications goodness. medications: faraquet's devin ocampo and chad molter (on bass), with andrew becker as the monster behind the kit. gabe and i took a trip to the Black Cat one night to see Heat Better Scream, which was a pre-Medications lineup w/out Chad. quite a while after that, Medications started releasing some stuff. Their full length, Your Favorite People All in One Place, is a great album.

They've got two mp3's up at their site. Here's the first track from their full length, one of my favorites:
Medications - Surprise!

And while the audio is a bit overloaded, here's some live stuff from youtube:

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

snakes- on my plane?

It keeps getting better and better. Here's hoping Snakes on a Plane brings the goods.

In other news, tennis on Sunday has only fueled my spring fever. The couple inches of snow that fell overnight are a bit daunting, but once I see the sun today, the fever will return.

Monday, April 03, 2006

the black crowes

i'll admit, i've never been a fan of the black crowes. not that i ever heard much, just a few singles here and there.

after hearing four songs from the sweet pickle salad sessions, I may have to reconsider the band.