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Monday, March 13, 2006

The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show

A radio ad, paraphrased:
(A woman, late twenties/early thirties, is talking to us in a friendly, conversational manner)

Now that the years are catching up to me, tennis just isn't as easy. I had to start taking a pain reliever for my sore knee.

(sound of infant gurgling) Then, after my first child was born, it was back to the office. (sound of phones ringing, office chatter in the background) I needed another pain reliever for my tension headaches.

(sound of small child, two or so, making noises) Then, carrying the little guy around got to my back, and I had to get another pain reliever for back pain!

But then I discovered Advil- the one pain reliever for all my pains!

Advil- or rather, advertising company devising radio ads for Advil- what are you thinking? I mean, really, what are you thinking? Where was this woman shopping, to be finding specialized pain relievers for these three different ailments- Captain Nemo's forgotten island, maybe?

Perhaps she purchases her pharmaceuticals from Doctor Walcott's Traveling Medicine Show- "And now, for your delight, a tincture of Doctor Walcott's No-Pain-Powder, celebrated the world over for its magical effects upon pains of the back and ribs; nevertheless, Doctor Walcott reminds you that his no-pain-powder is suspect in some areas of bodily pain, and provides no salvation from soreness of the knees or the headaches of tension."

The only way that Advil ad would work, is if the woman was clearly in her eighties or nineties, and had last bought pain relievers in the early seventies.


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