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Friday, March 24, 2006

my apologies, roscoe

My apologies to the telemarketer i just flipped out on. honestly, how does a company get off on calling me, letting me listen to silence for three seconds, then telling me that i had an incoming call, and then, of all things, putting me on HOLD for almost a minute!! I'm there thinking, "hmm, who is broke down and calling me collect?"

And then it turns out to be a telemarketer for a student loan consolidation company... let's just say I didn't turn in my most subtle telephone performance.

Anyway, in a huge rush this morning, hitting the road soon to take my brother-in-law on a road trip to see LeBron whap some dingers. If you haven't heard Midlake's new track, Roscoe, hit up gorilla vs bear for the mp3 and a link to a video storyboard (w/ audio) for another new song from their forthcoming album. That Roscoe- I like where his head's at.


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