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Friday, March 03, 2006

elmore leonard: dutch treat


A fantastic flea market pickup if you can find it, Elmore Leonard's Dutch Treat is a hardcover collection of three great novels: Swag, The Hunted, and Mr. Majestyk. I list them in order of preference, the collection starts with The Hunted, but Swag is the tour de force of the three. After reading that, I was hooked; hard-boiled stories about guys on the edges of the law, or in Swag's case, well on the other side, a good Elmore Leonard novel reads like the best 70s crime flick you've been waiting to see.

If you write fiction, Leonard's Ten Rules of Writing won't hurt you one bit.

Since I missed Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Letterman last night, and can't find a video yet, I watched their Conan appearance instead. My favorite part of seeing a band on Conan is guessing just how much he'll dwarf them when he walks over after they play.


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