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Thursday, March 30, 2006

destroyer + magnolia electric co

Absolutely incredible show last night at the Black Cat. Openers Birds of Avalon did nothing for me- made me feel like I was in a scene from Almost Famous, sure, but couldn't get into them.

Destroyer took the stage second, and were incredible. Man, did they play a tight set. My friends, who hadn't been completely sold on Dan Bejar's voice, were converted. They played a good five or six songs from Destroyer's Rubies, and they sounded great.

Magnolia Electric Co finished the night off, and they too were great. I admit, I can't really get into Trials and Errors- it seems so dry, so sparse, not what I imagine when I listen to their studio stuff. Well, I was not dissappointed, because sonically it sounded nothing like Trials and Errors- they had a great, full sound, were full of energy, joking about, and I would've been glad if they'd played for another hour.

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