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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

daktaris- soul explosion

The Daktaris, an NYC afrobeat group, put out a sweet album in '98- but you'd never guess this album was made in the modern age. Rocket From The Crypt got me in to these guys- the RFTC guys were spinning records before their set and they played Daktari Walk, and I was hooked; I'd never heard afrobeat before, didn't know Fela Kuti from Femi Kuti, and heck, once I got home, I couldn't even buy the Daktaris album- it was OOP. I tracked it down for about 30 bucks on some website devoted to rarities, and the rest is history. Follow the image link above to the Daptones Records site- they're finally rereleasing the album.

Daktaris - Daktari Walk
Daktaris - Musicawa Silt

And for those so inclined, you can also hit it up on emusic.


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