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Tuesday, February 28, 2006



The new two-disc release of Network is out today, and that's a good thing. The old transfer left much to be desired, and this new edition features a commentary by Sidney Lumet. Dog Day Afternoon's new two-disc is also out today, also w/ a Lumet commentary. You can get those two and All The President's Men (new 2-disc) in the "Controversial Classics Vol 2" set and save about 15 bucks.

I don't know what it says about the IMDB that Network is no longer in their top 250; it was 197 a few years back. Considered by some to be the best screenplay ever written, Network is a dire prediction of what network news would become, and twenty years later in this age of infotainment, we see how prophetic it was. CNN has a brief article/interview with Lumet that talks about that, among other things.

Note: film posts will probably follow the same format as this one: images linked to Amazon, titles linked to IMDB.


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